Switch 1197 is a website dedicated to digital online radios in Australia and for the Australian people.

The website gathers relevant and recent information on digital online radios in Australia that interests the Australians.

The major aim with Switch 1197 is to make available to Australians the most interesting radio stations across the country that people can listen to online. The source of the information on this website is carefully selected from reliable sources and official websites of the radio stations concerned. The focus on digital radio is in line with the needs of the modern times and the drive towards digitalization which is required globally for broadcasting organizations to comply with.

The innovation in radio technology will continue to grow in the direction of digital application. People are yearning to listen to radio stations that have something new to offer them in terms of quality programming, administration, and effectiveness. The world has not shown less desire to be entertained, listen to their favorite news stations, enjoy documentaries and the various talk shows.

At Switch 1197 it is believed people should get the best in radio broadcasting that meets their needs.

We believe people should be able to listen to their radio stations anytime they want to without barriers or location restriction. This is our interest in helping people take advantage of the online option.

We believe that bringing our readers to understand what radios there are with the best of programs and rankings in Australia will meet the need of our followers. People want to have fun while listening to a radio station and we don’t go for anything less either by providing you with the best stations online.

We believe that in the crop of radio stations out there, some deserve greater attention because of their influence in the nation and people’s lives. Switch 1197 hopes to bring you closer to those by getting you adequately informed about the radio stations in Australia that is the most listened to in the region.

We are not unaware of the great work done towards quality information on radio programming in Australia. We, therefore, hold it a duty to keep the drive going by sharing what will benefit people on this website.

We are quite aware of the move towards digitization globally in broadcasting. We hold it as a responsibility to promote the same in our line of articles to keep the spirit alive and growing.

We have a duty to promote all brands of radio services in Australia including AM, FM and over the online channels. By highlighting what makes a station stand among the best, we hope to drive others to perform better.

The future of radio broadcasting lies in digital technology and we can’t shy away from that in this website but uphold it firmly by exposing readers to the online options.

At Switch 1197 the commitment is resolutely built on quality up-to-date information about online digital radio stations in Australia that people can enjoy listening to by examining their innovative programs, the chosen format, and collections of music genres aired on the stations.

We have the mission to give adequate enlightenment to radio enthusiasts and help people who are seeking to get assistance with the top radio stations in Australia that will meet listeners’ needs.

Switch 1197 envisions a world of full digitization in radio programming that gets users well entertained, informed, and excites their curiosity through a well-targeted structure of broadcasting to meet specific groups.

The world is consciously shifting towards the use of the internet and digitalization. We’re quite in touch with this as well. We see a future in radio broadcasting that will fully comply with the digital atmosphere. Switch 1197 is designed to enhance this global drive.

With Switch 1197 we have a stake in this future through our platform by offering people what is available on the digital platforms in a quality radio broadcast.

Switch 1197 is aimed to interact with people who love radio as their favorite source of information through sharing and listening to people’s opinions in radio services in Australia.

Together we can be the change agent the radio stations need to improve their services to get people entertained, informed and happy with what is offered via radio.