Which radio station is gunning for the top spot in Melbourne this time?

You should love to get a bit of insight on how your favorite radio station is doing compared to others within the Melbourne area. Quite a great excitement you have around Melbourne when it comes to a radio broadcast and the competitiveness. How do they stand?

3AW is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in radio broadcasting in Melbourne. But recently Smooth FM and Gold FM along with Fox FM are competing strongly for the number one radio station in Melbourne.

3AW has got the stats behind it though to still remain very competitive. The tradition maintained by the radio station has kept it on the leadership spot this time and won’t let go so soon.

FM radio leadership is a dynamic one with radio stations displacing others. Fox has a hold of this in recent times with a great performance of the team working for it but it’s strongly chased by Smooth FM and Gold FM. In survey five, Smooth FM stole the top spot for the very first time.

The radio station has the vast majority of the audience in Melbourne tuning to it and staying much longer. People just getting into the city find 3AW their choice station to get the updates of what is happening around. With a strong cumulative audience of 10+ 637, 000, it remains the station to beat in programming and performance. A massive 508, 000 audiences for the breakfast timeslot set it apart from the rest in the area.

It’s a great 2018 for 3AW according to the station’s operation director, Stephen Beers. The dominance of the radio station continues in its breakfast program anchored by John and Ross. 3AW Football, night and twilight programs have all worked to get the radio station going higher and consistently. With its superlative 18.6% share for its Breakfast shows and a high 13.2% share rating, 3AW is indeed great in radio programming in Melbourne and others will have a long battle chasing after it.

Smooth FM 91.5 is a game changer in radio stations in Melbourne. The recently top spot station has a whopping cumulative audience of 10+ 888, 000 with the breakfast coming with 429, 000.

Smooth FM has gone through five surveys above 10% for some years now and taken the number one spot in two occasions. Now with an audience share of 10.4%, it is not doing badly to still remain among the top in Melbourne area. With its Breakfast shows gaining 7.7% in Melbourne, Smooth FM has carved a niche for itself in its quality programming including those anchored by Jennifer Hansen and Mike Perso. Paul Jackson of Nova Entertainment is super delighted with the stats and wishing the team a job well done.

Fox keeps the fire burning this year for the top spot in Melbourne. All five surveys conducted so far have placed it on the 10+ rating. Now on 10.0% audience share and just behind Smooth FM, it is not given up on the chase for the crown in the nearest future. The station’s breakfast shows are also showing great promises hitting double figures. It’s been some two years now that the radio station has struggled to reach the 10+ figures but has risen to keep the fight competitive with Gold FM challenging strongly.

A strong cumulative audience of 1,137,000 and a breakfast of 634, 000 places Fox in a favorable position in the competition to fight for the top spot once again in Melbourne. Just exactly on 10.0% audience share rating this time and a 10.3% breakfast share points, Gemma Fordham of Hit Networks is thrilled to still have the radio station to be very competitive on the top spot.

Gold FM is becoming a strong contender for the top spot in Melbourne. It currently stands with a 9.9% audience share in the Melbourne area to come behind Fox in the latest ratings. Gold has held the number one spot in afternoons and has gone up in the Drive to a second spot. Breakfast is at 7.4%. Though the radio station dropped in the first survey, it has remained competitive with a cumulative of 1, 003, 000 audience and 395, 000 breakfast audience to show for it. The station’s administrators are hoping to make things better with the continuous marketing of the breakfast show to give more to the loyal audience.

One of the Nova Entertainment stations, Nova 100, held on with a 6.9% audience share. Nova 100 has kept the competition alive in Melbourne with a 7.7% audience share in Breakfast after going up by 0.8 points. With a 10+ share in about two years plus now, the station’s cumulative audience stand at 935, 000 and breakfast coming with a total of 517, 000.

The Melbourne radio wrap continues with lots of excitement. How well are the radio stations doing so far?