The rivalry between Fiveaa and ABC talk station has long been on.

Fiveaa is presently the commercial talkback station in Adelaide.  The jointly owned radio station covers a variety of programs ranging from current affairs, social issues, sports, news, football, lifestyle, travel, gardening, and health. At the time the station was created in 1976, it swiftly grew to the number one spot in rankings with the major competition coming from Classic FM owned by ABC.

ABC Radio Adelaide is an AM radio station based in Adelaide. It currently broadcasts at 891 KHz. While rivalry in AM radio stations is not such a common one, ABC and Fiveaa have not seized to keep the competition going between the two on quality programming and audience base.

Fiveaa Rising Strongly

In the year running, the performance of Fiveaa has been a top-notch performance so far. The talk station is currently on the close chase and challenging Mix 102.3 in the recent radio ratings. The talk station is leading in many shifts so far from the ratings.

The year 2017 remains a remarkable one for the duo of Will Goodings and David Penberthy and are still continually waxing strong. The 2016 final survey saw the two gain a 1.7 record points. This is a pretty good one for an AM station. In total Fiveaa is leading and taking over from ABC Adelaide as the topmost AM station after an impressive 11.8% audience share from a gain of 1.2. Fiveaa gained in all timeslot despite being a talk station and on the AM band.

The last survey was indeed terrible for ABC but they’ve bounced back still trailing the arch-rival, Fiveaa, in every aspect. In the recently released GfK survey 6 ratings, ABC showed some significant improvement and much better than its previous which drastically brought it low in ratings.

Fiveaa has continued its dominance and leadership in the breakfast shift. The duo of Will Goodings and David Penberthy has continued the good run by lifting the station’s audience share to an enviable 15. 6%. Ali Clarke of ABC has not let down the audience by improving her ratings from 11.9% to 12.8% to still hold on to the third spot.

Fiveaa has kept things going in the Mornings also with a lead orchestrated by Leon Byner in spite of losing some share. ABC had a significant improvement in the Mornings and Drive to still remain relevant in some shifts. Jules Schiller anchored the Drive and David Bevan kept things going on the side of ABC in the mornings.

The dominance in the evening shift still has Fiveaa dictating the pace to keep things going and beyond the reach of ABC with ABC chasing behind. A 17.3% impressive share gathered by Jeremy Cordeaux and Jon Blake gave a massive lead to ABC’s challenge of 11 Percent.